15th Century

<14th Century … 1500-1549>

* = approximate date


  • *Gilles Binchois born (Mons, Belgium) Flemish composer, organist. More than 60 chansons and 50 pieces of sacred music survive. Died 1460
  • *Johannes Brassart born (Lauw, France) Burgundian composer, singer. Only sacred works survive, including 11 motets. Died 1455
  • *Guillaume Malbecque born (Flanders) Flemish composer, singer. Died 1465
  • *Antonius Romanus born (Rome) Italian composer, singer. Died c.1432
  • *Nicolaus Zacharie born (Brindisi) Italian composer, singer, chaplain. Died 1466
  • *Henri Arnaut de Zwolle born (Zwolle, Netherlands) Dutch organist, physician, scientist. Wrote a treatise on musical instruments. Died 1466
  • *Niccolò da Perugia (c. 60) dies in Perugia
  • *The Chantilly Codex written containing 112 polyphonic works including pieces by Johannes Symonis, Jehan Suzay, Pierre des Molins, Goscalch, Solage, Baude Cordier, Grimace, Guillaume de Machaut, Jean Vaillant, Franciscus Andrieu, Cunelier, Trebor, and Senleches


  • Mar 8 Paolo da Firenze appointed abbot of the Benedictine monastery of S. Martin al Pino
  • Nicolas Grenon appointed deacon of St Sépulchre, Paris


  • *Bartolino da Padova (c. 65) dies in Padua


  • Eustache Deschamps (c.60) dies


  • May 8 Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya born (Kadapa, India) Indian composer of more than 32,000 sankeertanas (devotional songs), songmaster of the Tirumala Venkateswara Hindu Temple in Andrha Pradesh. Died 1503


  • Johannes Ciconia’s motet O Petre, Christi descipule composed


  • *John Hothby born (England) English composer, music theorist, Carmelite monk, teacher. Died 1487
  • *Johannes Ockeghem born (Saint-Ghislain, Belgium) Flemish composer, singer, choirmaster, teacher. Surviving works include 14 masses, 5 motets and 21 chansons. Died 1497
  • *Conrad Paumann born (Nuremberg) German composer, organist, lutenist. Blind from birth and an acclaimed organ virtuoso. Died 1473
  • *John Plummer born (England) English composer. Member of the Chapel Royal from 1441. Died c.1483
  • *Johannes de Quadris born (L’Aquilla, Italy) Italian composer, priest, singer. Died c.1457
  • *Johannes Tapissier (c. 40) dies in Burgundy


  • Dec Johannes Ciconia (c. 76) dies in Padua
  • *Záviš ze Zap (c. 60) dies


  • *Andrea da Firenze (c. 55) dies
  • *Zacara da Teramo (c. 65) dies in Bologna
  • *Squarcialupi Codex musical manuscript compiled in Florence featuring works by Francesco Landini, Bartolino da Padova, Niccolò da Perugia, Andrea da Firenze, Jacopo da Bologna, Lorenzo da Firenze, Gherardello da Firenze and others. Compilation supervised by Paolo da Firenze


  • Mar 27 Antonio Squarcialupi born (Florence) Italian composer, organist. Owner of the Squarcialupi Codex. Died 1480


  • Nov Guillaume Dufay appointed subdeacon at Cambrai cathedral, a post he holds for two years before going to Rimini, returning for two years 1424-6
  • *Henry Abyngdon born (Abington, Cambs?) English singer, organist, composer, cleric. Recipient of the first recorded music degree, from Cambridge University. Died 1497
  • Richard Loqueville dies in Cambrai. Birth date unknown. French composer, harpist. Teacher of Guillaume Dufay


  • Dec 8 Gilles Binchois appointed organist at the church of Ste. Waudru in Mons


  • Aug 20 Guillaume Dufay’s motet Vasilissa gaunde ergo, Concupivit rex tuum decorum premiered in Pesaro
  • *Walter Frye born (England) English composer. Died c.1474
  • *The Faenza Codex compiled including works by Guillaume de Machaut, Jacopo da Bologna, Bartolino da Padova and Francesco Landini
  • *The Old Hall Manuscript completed – a collection of 148 English sacred pieces including works by Leonel Power and Roy Henry


  • *Antonio da Cividale (c. 50) dies in Rome
  • Guillaume Dufay’s motet Vasilissa, ergo gaude composed


  • *William Caxton born (Kent) English printer, writer, diplomat. First English printer. Died 1491


  • Apr 4 Hugo von Montfort (c. 65) dies in Bruck an der Mur, Austria
  • May 14 Leonel Power joins the fraternity of Christ Church, Canterbury as choirmaster
  • Jul 23 Guillaume Dufay’s ballade Resvelliés Vous premiered at the wedding of Carlo Malatesta da Pesaro to Vittoria Colonna in Rimini


  • *Gilles Joye born (Kortrijk?, Belgium) Flemish composer, singer, priest. Died 1483
  • *Johannes Regis born (France) Franco-Flemish composer, choirmaster. Secretary to Guillaume Dufay from 1464 to 1474. Died c.1496


  • Oct Guillaume Dufay joins the Papal Chapel in Rome


  • *Antoine Busnois born (Béthune, France) French composer, poet, teacher. Surviving works include 2 masses, 8 motets and more than 60 chansons. Died 1492
  • *Guillaume Faugues born (Bourges?) French composer of 5 masses, choirmaster, chaplain. Died c.1480
  • *William Horwood born (Lincoln?) English composer, singer, choirmaster. Died 1484
  • *Robert Morton born (England) English composer of secular music, priest. Died 1479
  • *Bartolomeo da Bologna (c. 50) dies


  • Jan 18 Gilles Binchois’s motet Nove Cantum Melodie premiered at the baptism of Prince Anthoine of Burgundy
  • Apr 7 Guillaume Dufay’s motet Balsamus et munda cera premiered in Rome


  • Antonius Romanus (c. 32) dies


  • May 31 Guillaume Dufay’s motet Supremum est mortalibus premiered in Rome
  • Jul Guillaume Dufay leaves the Papal Chapel in Rome to become chapelmaster for Duke Amédée VIII of Savoy


  • *Richard Hygons born (Wells, Somerset?) English composer, teacher. Organist at Wells Cathedral. Died c.1509
  • Jean Molinet born (Desvres, France) French poet, historian, composer, librarian, translator. Died 1507
  • *Johannes Tinctoris born (Belgium) Flemish composer, music theorist, choirmaster. Author of Terminorum musicae diffinitorium, the first printed music dictionary. Died 1511


  • Mar 25 Guillaume Dufay’s motet Nuper rosarum flores premiered in Florence
  • May Johannes de Quadris’s Magnificat, the earliest polyphonic setting for four voices, composed
  • Sep 20 Paolo da Firenze (c. 80) dies in Florence


  • Mar 5 Guillaume Dufay’s motet Magnanimous gentis laudes… (praise the magnaminous] premiered in Turin
Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474)

Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474)


  • Jul Guillaume Dufay enters the service of the Duke of Burgundy in Cambrai


  • *Adrien Basin born (Bruges?) Flemish composer, singer, diplomat. Died c.1498
  • *Johannes Martini born (Brabant, Belgium) Flemish composer. Died c.1497
  • *Baude Cordier (c. 60) dies in Dijon
  • *The Missa Caput composed by an anonymous English composer. Versions exist by Johannes Ockeghem and Jacob Obrecht
  • *The Reina Codex compiled in Paris comprising 220 secular pieces


  • Jun 24 Johannes Ockeghem appointed cantor of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Antwerp


  • Jun 5 Leonel Power (c. 70) dies in Canterbury
  • Aug 2 Oswald von Wolkenstein (68) dies in Merano, Italy, during an intense heatwave
  • *Alexander Agricola born (Germany?) German composer, singer. Died 1506
  • *Gilbert Banester born (London) English composer,choirmaster. Member of the Chapel Royal from 1475. Died 1487
  • *Loyset Compère born (Arras, France) French composer, singer. Chiefly wrote motets and chansons. Died 1518
  • *Heinrich Finck born (Bamberg, Germany) German composer, conductor, Kappelmeister. Great uncle of Hermann Finck (1527-58). Died 1527
  • *Adam of Fulda born (Fulda, Germany) German composer, musicologist, teacher, choirmaster. Died 1505
  • *Hayne van Ghizeghem born (Ghent) Flemish composer of chansons, soldier, singer. Died c.1480
  • *Gaspar van Weerbeke born (Tournai, Belgium) Flemish composer, singer. Died c.1517
  • *The Ashmole 191 MS written containing seven songs including Alas departynge


  • *Robert Wydow born (Thaxted, Essex) English teacher, poet, musician. Canon of Wells cathedral from 1497. Earliest recipient of a music degree from Oxford University in 1478. Died 1505


  • Nov 24 Henry Abyngdon succeeds John Bernard as succentor of Wells Cathedral


  • Johannes von Soest born (Unna, Germany) German composer, poet, music theorist. Died 1506


  • *Philippe Basiron born (Bourges, France) French composer, singer, organist, choirmaster. Died 1491


  • *Heinrich Isaac born (Brabant?, Belgium) Flemish composer, singer, choirmaster. Died 1517
  • *Josquin des Prez born (Hainaut, Belgium) Flemish composer, singer. Arguably the most lauded composer of the fifteenth century. Compositions include 16 complete masses, more than 60 motets and a similar number of chansons. Died 1521
  • Hans Judenkönig born (Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany) German lutenist, teacher, composer. Author of two books of lute music. Died 1526
  • *Walter Lambe born (Salisbury) English composer. Died 1504
  • *Pierre Fontaine (c. 70) dies
  • *Guillaume Legrant (c. 70) dies


  • Jan 14 Franchinus Gaffurius born (Lodi, Italy) Italian composer, music theorist, priest. Maestro di capella of Milan cathedral. Died 1522
  • Mar 9 Guillaume Dufay’s mass Se la face ay pale premiered in Chambéry, France
  • Apr 21 Guillaume Dufay appointed Kapellmeister at Cambrai Cathedral
  • Johannes Ockeghem joins the French court as a chapel singer


  • *John Browne born (Coventry?) English composer. Died c.1500
  • *Pierre de La Rue born (Tournai, Belgium) Franco-Flemish composer, singer. Works include more than 30 masses, 24 motets and more than 30 chansons. Died 1518
  • Johannes Ockeghem appointed maestro di cappella to the French court in Paris


  • Dec 24 John Dunstaple (c. 53) dies in London


  • May 1 Guillaume Dufay reappointed maitre de chapelle at the Royal Chapel of the Dukes of Savoy in Turin
  • Oct 22 Johannes Brassart (c. 55) dies in Liège
  • *Jacobus Barbireau born (Antwerp) Franco-Flemish composer. Choirmaster at Antwerp cathedral. Died 1491
  • *Johannes Ghiselin born (Netherlands?) Flemish composer, singer. Died c.1510


  • May 1 Guillaume Dufay leaves his post as maitre de chapelle at the Royal Chapel of the Dukes of Savoy in Turin
  • Oct 17 Nicolas Grenon (c. 80) dies in Cambrai


  • *Jacob Obrecht born (Ghent) Franco-Flemish composer, choirmaster. Wrote mostly motets and masses. Died 1505
  • *Johannes de Quadris (c. 47) dies in Venice


  • Jan 25 Paul Hofhaimer born (Salzburg) Austrian composer, organist, teacher. Died 1537
  • Feb 17 Josquin des Prez enters service at Milan Cathedral
  • May 3 Johannes Bedyngham dies. Birth date unknown, death date also given as 22/5/1460. English composer
  • Sep 18 Richard Hygons becomes a vicar at Wells Cathedral, beginning nearly fifty years service with the institution
  • *Jheronimus de Clibano born (‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands) Franco-Flemish composer, singer. Died 1503
  • *Jean Mouton born (Boulogne-sur-Mer, France) French composer, singer, teacher. Works include more than 100 motets, 15 masses and 20 chansons. Died 1522


  • Sep 20 Gilles Binchois (c. 60) dies in Soignies, Belgium
  • *Antoine Brumel born (Chartres) French composer, singer. Died c.1515
  • *Marbrianus de Orto born (Tournai, Belgium) Franco-Flemish composer, singer, chaplain. Member of the Papal choir 1483-96. Died 1529
  • *Arnolt Schlick born (Heidelberg, Germany) German composer, organist, lutenist. Blind, probably from birth. Wrote Spiegel der Orgelmacher und Organisten, the first German treatise on building and playing organs. Died c.1521
  • *The Lochamer Liederbuch compiled containing 45 songs written between 1452 and 1460


  • Juan de Anchieta born (Azpeita, Spain) Basque composer, choirmaster. Died 1523


  • Feb 22 Henry Abyngdon receives a Bachelor of Music from Cambridge University, the earliest recorded recipient of such a degree
  • Guillaume Dufay’s Missa Ave regina composed


  • Apr 23 Robert Fayrfax born (Deeping Gate, Lincs) English composer, organist, teacher. Member of the Chapel Royal. Surviving works include 6 masses and 13 motets. Died 1521
  • Jun 1 Robert Morton appointed Kapellmeister to the court of Charles of Charolais in Burgundy


  • Jan 19 Sebastian Virdung born (Amberg, Germany) German composer, music theorist, singer, teacher. Death date unknown (after 1511)
  • Mar 12 Robert Morton leaves his post as Kapellmeister to the court of Charles of Charolais in Burgundy
  • Aug 29 Guillaume Malbecque (c.65) dies in Hainault, Belgium
  • Alessandro Coppini born (Florence) Italian composer, organist, theologian. Died 1527
  • *William Cornysh born (England) English poet, composer, teacher, dramatist, actor. Died 1523
  • *Richard Davy born (Devon?) English composer, organist, choirmaster. Died 1507
  • *Pedro de Escobar born (Oporto) Portuguese composer, choirmaster, singer. Died c.1535
  • Henry Abyngdon appointed Master of the Song of the Chapel Royal, London


  • Jun 9 Henri Arnaut de Zwolle (c.66) dies in Paris of the plague
  • Jun 18 Ottaviano Petrucci born (Fossombrone, Italy) Italian music printer. The first to use movable type in music printing, the first to print in quantity, and the first to print polyphonic music. Died 1539
  • Nicolaus Zacharie (c. 65) dies in Ceglie Messapica, Italy


  • Jul 12 Juan del Encina born (Salamanca, Spain) Spanish composer, poet, playwright, singer. Has been called the father of Spanish drama. Died 1529
  • Giacomo Fogliano born (Modena) Italian composer, organist, harpsichordist, teacher. Surviving works include 29 madrigals and 13 frottolas. Brother of Lodovico Fogliano (1475-1542). Died 1548


  • Apr 9 Giovanni Angelo Testagrossa born (Pavia) Italian lutenist, singer, composer, teacher. Died 1530
  • *Pierre Alamire born (Nuremberg) German composer, music copyist, mining engineer, merchant, diplomat, spy. Died 1536
  • *Marchetto Cara born (Verona) Italian composer of frottolas, lutenist, singer. Died 1525
  • *Carpentras aka Elzéar Genet born (Carpentras, France) French composer, singer. Master of the papal chapel 1514-21. Died 1548
  • *Antonius Divitis born (Leuven, Belgium) Flemish composer, singer, choirmaster. Died c.1530
  • *Antoine de Févin born (Arras, France) French composer, singer. Brother of Robert de Févin (dates unknown). Died c.1511
  • *Francisco de Peñalosa born (Toledo) Spanish composer, singer, choirmaster. Member of the Papal choir 1518-21. Died 1528
  • *Bartolomeo Tromboncino born (Verona) Italian composer of frottolas, trombone player, teacher. Murdered his wife in 1499. Died c.1535


  • *Henry Bredemers born (Netherlands) Flemish organist, teacher, singer. Died 1522
  • Loyset Compère’s motet Omnium bonorum plena composed


  • Jan 24 Conrad Paumann (63) dies in Munich
  • Jan 27 Johannes Martini appointed harpsichordist in the Chapel of Duke Ercole I d’Este of Ferrara
  • William Caxton sets up his first printing press in Bruges


  • Nov 27 Guillaume Dufay (77) dies in Cambrai
  • Dec 24 Bartolomeo degli Organi born (Florence) Italian composer, organist, singer. Organist at Santissima Annunziata, Florence 1509-39. Died 1539
  • Vincenzo Capirola born (Brescia) Italian composer, lutenist. Died c.1548
  • *Walter Frye (c. 55) dies
  • *Johannes Tinctoris’s treatise Proportionale Musices written


  • *Nicolas Champion born (Liege) Franco-Flemish composer, singer. Member of the Hapsburg court. Died 1533
  • *Lodovico Fogliano born (Modena) Italian music theorist, choirmaster. Brother of Giacomo Fogliano (1468-1548). Died 1542
  • *Filippo de Lurano born (Cremona) Italian composer of frottole. Died c.1520
  • *Johannes Tinctoris writes Terminorum musicae diffinitorium, the first printed musical dictionary.
  • *Johannes Ockeghem’s Missa ProlationumMissa Cuiusvis Toni & Missa Mi-mi composed (any year between 1450 and 1497 is possible for the first two, Mi-mi is from before 1480)


  • Nov 6 Johannes Tinctoris’s pedagogical treatise on the modal system Liber de natura et proprietate tonorum completed
  • William Caxton establishes the first British printing press in London


  • Oct 11 Johannes Tinctoris’s pedagogical treatise on counterpoint Liber de arte contrapuncti completed. In it he pronounces that there is not a single piece of music more than 40 years old that is “regarded by the learned as worth hearing”.


  • Aug 23 Johannes Pullois dies in Antwerp. Birth date unknown. Flemish composer, singer.
  • Thomas Ashwell born (England) English composer, singer, choirmaster, teacher. Died c.1527


  • Dec 7 Richard Hygons appointed choirmaster and organist at Wells Cathedral
  • *Robert Morton (c. 50) dies (possibly as late as 1497)
  • Giacomo Fogliano appointed organist at Modena Cathedral at the age of 11


  • Jul 6 Antonio Squarcialupi (64) dies in Florence
  • Oct 8 Franchinus Gaffurius’s Theoricum opus published in Naples (revised and republished in 1492)
  • *Andrea Antico born (Montovun, Croatia) Italian music printer, publisher, editor, composer. First music printer in Rome. Died c.1538
  • *Noel Bauldeweyn born (Mechelen, Belgium) Flemish composer, choirmaster, teacher. Died after 1513
  • *Jean l’Héritier born (Thérouanne, France) French composer, singer. Died after 1552
  • *Antoine de Longueval born (Longueval, France) French composer, singer, choirmaster. Singing master of the French Royal Chapel from 1515. Died 1525
  • Hans Kotter born (Strasbourg) German composer, organist, schoolteacher. Died 1541
  • Thomas Stoltzer born (Świdnica, Poland) German composer, priest. Died 1526
  • *Philippe Verdelot born (Les Losges, France) French composer, choirmaster. Considered the father of the Italian madrigal. Died c.1551
  • *Guillaume Faugues (c. 50) dies
  • *Hayne van Ghizeghem (c. 35) dies
  • *The Glogauer Liederbuch, a German manuscript collection of songs is compiled


  • Mateo Flecha el Viejo born (Prades, Spain) Catalan composer, choirmaster, teacher. Died 1553


  • Bartolomé Ramos de Pareja’s treatise Music practica published in Bologna


  • Oct 26 Hans Buchner born (Ravensburg, Germany) German composer, organist, teacher. Died 1538
  • Nov 10 Martin Luther born (Eisleben, Germany) German Protestant theologian, hymn composer, writer. Catalyst for the Reformation. Died 1546
  • Dec 31 Gilles Joye (c. 58) dies in Bruges
  • *Jacquet of Mantua born (Vitré, France) Franco-Italian composer, singer. Wrote 23 masses and over 100 motets. Died 1559
  • *John Plummer (c. 73) dies in Windsor


  • Jan 22 Franchinus Gaffurius appointed maestro di cappella of Milan cathedral
  • Jun 28 Jacob Obrecht appointed Kapellmeister at Cambrai Cathedral
  • Dec 13 Paul Speratus born (Ellwangen, Germany) German catholic priest turned protestant preacher, hymnwriter. Co-wrote the first Lutheran hymnal with Martin Luther. Died 1551
  • Purandara Dasa born (Kshemapura, India) Indian composer, musicologist, teacher. The “father of Carnatic music”. Died 1564
  • *Pierre Moulu born (France) Franco-Flemish composer. Died c.1550
  • William Horwood (c.54) dies in Lincoln
  • Philippe Basiron’s Missa l’homme armé composed
  • Franchinus Gaffurius appointed maestro di cappella of Milan Cathedral


  • *Gasparo Alberti born (Padua) Italian composer, singer. Maestro di cappella at the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Bergamo 1536-59. Died c.1560
  • *Benedictus Appenzeller born (Netherlands) Flemish composer, singer. Died c.1558
  • *Hugh Aston born (England) English composer, choirmaster. Died 1558
  • *Robert Carver born (Scone?, Perthshire) Scottish composer, Augustinian monk. 5 masses and 2 motets survive. Died c.1546
  • *Clément Janequin born (Châtellerault, France) French composer, choirmaster. Wrote 250 secular and 80 sacred chansons. 5 collections were printed by Pierre Attaingnant in Paris. Died 1558
  • *Nicholas Ludford born (England) English composer, singer. Died 1557
  • *John Redford born (London?) English organist, composer. Choirmaster at St Paul’s Cathedral, London 1530-47. Died 1547
  • *Josquin’s Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae written
Josquin / Hilliard Ensemble - Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae / Motets (Virgin Veritas)

Josquin / Hilliard Ensemble – Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae / Motets (Virgin Veritas)


  • Jan 6 Martin Agricola born (Świebodzin, Poland) German composer, music theorist, choirmaster, teacher. Wrote Musica instrumentalis deudsch, a study of contemporary musical instruments. Died 1556
  • Oct 13 Jacob Obrecht appointed vice-choirmaster at the Church of Saint-Donatian in Bruges
  • *Balthasar Resinarius (Harzer) born (Jessen, Germany) German Protestant composer, theologian. Bishop of Laipa, Bohemia 1543-44. Died 1544
  • Ludwig Senfl born (Basel) Swiss composer, singer, music director. Died 1543


  • Sep 1 Gilbert Banester (c.42) dies in London
  • Nov 6 John Hothby (c.75) dies in England


  • Jun Heinrich Glarean born (Mollis, Switzerland) Swiss music theorist, poet, teacher. Writer of the influential work on music theory Dodecachordon. Died 1563
  • Aug 15 Jacob Obrecht appointed choirmaster at the Church of Saint-Donatian in Bruges
  • Georg Rhau born (Wittenberg, Germany) German composer, music printer, publisher. Died 1548


  • Feb 6 Juan de Anchieta appointed as a singer in Queen Isabella’s court chapel
  • Jun Josquin joins the Papal choir (to 1495)


  • Mar 6 Fridolin Sicher born (Bischofszell, Switzerland) Swiss organist, composer. Died 1546
  • Oct 12 Bernardo Pisano born (Florence) Italian composer, singer, choirmaster. Died 1548
  • Nov 4 Adam of Fulda’s treatise De musica completed in Strasbourg
  • *Marco Antonio Cavazzoni born (Venice) Italian composer, singer, organist . Father of Girolamo Cavazzoni (c.1525-1577). Died c.1560
  • *Thomas Crecquillon born (Belgium) Flemish composer, singer. Works include 12 masses, over 100 motets and nearly 200 chansons. Died 1557
  • *Costanzo Festa born (Turin?) Italian composer of madrigals, singer. Died 1545
  • *Sebastiano Festa born (Villafranca Piemonte, Italy) Italian composer. One of the earliest composers of madrigals. Died 1524
  • *Sandrin aka Pierre Regnault born (Paris) French composer, choirmaster. Died c.1561
  • *Claudin de Sermisy born (Picardy, France) French composer, singer, cleric, teacher. Works include 12 masses, about 100 motets and around 175 chansons. Died 1562
  • *John Taverner born (Lincoln?) English composer, organist, landowner. Works include 8 masses and 22 motets. Left public life and gave up composition after 1530. Died 1545
  • *Adrian Willaert born (Bruges) Flemish composer, singer, teacher. Maestro di cappella of St Mark’s, Venice 1527-62. Works include 8 masses, over 50 hymns, more than 150 motets, about 60 French chansons and over 70 madrigals. Died 1562
  • *Josquin’s Missa L’homme armé super voces musicales written


  • Jan 24 Jacob Obrecht leaves his post as choirmaster at the Church of Saint-Donatian in Bruges
  • May Philippe Basiron (c. 41) dies in Bourges
  • Aug 7 Jacobus Barbireau (c. 36) dies in Antwerp


  • Jan 1 Silvestro Ganassi dal Fontego born (Fontego, Italy) Italian musician, writer. Wrote treatises on instrumental technique for  the recorder and the viola da gamba. Died c.1550
  • Mar 4 Francesco de Layolle born (Florence) Italian composer, organist, music editor. Died c.1540
  • Mar William Caxton (c. 70) dies in London
  • Nov 6 Antoine Busnois (c. 60) dies in Bruges
  • Nov Pierre de La Rue joins the Habsburg-Burgundian chapel where he spends the rest of his professional life
  • Benedictus Ducis born (Konstanz, Germany) German Protestant composer, pastor, organist. Died 1544
  • Heinrich Isaac’s lament Quis dabit capiti meo aquam composed
  • Franchinus Gaffurius’ treatise Theorica musicae published in Milan
  • Loyset Compère’s motet Quis numerare queat / Da pacem composed


  • *Sixt Dietrich born (Augsburg, Germany) German Protestant composer, priest, teacher. Died 1548
  • *Lupus Hellinck born (Axel, Netherlands) Flemish composer, singer. Died 1541


  • Nov 5 Hans Sachs born (Nuremberg) German Meistersinger, poet, playwright, shoemaker, inspiration for Wagner’s 1868 opera Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. Died 1576
  • *Pierre Attaingnant born (Paris) French music printer, publisher. Inventor of single impression method for music printing. Died 1552


  • Mar 29 Leonhard Päminger born (Aschach an der Donau, Austrian) Austrian Lutheran theologian, composer, poet. Died 1567
  • *Nicolas Gombert born (Belgium) Flemish composer, singer, teacher. Works include 10 masses, about 140 motets and some 70 chansons.  Died c.1560
  • *Leonhard Kleber born (Göppingen, Germany) German organist, teacher. Died 1556
  • *Jacques Moderne born (Buzet, Croatia) French music publisher. Died c.1560


  • Johann Walter born (Kahla, Germany) German Lutheran composer, poet. Died 1570
  • Johannes Regis (c. 71) dies
  • Franchinus Gaffurius’ treatise Practica musicae published in Milan


  • Feb 6 Johannes Ockeghem (c. 87) dies in Tours
  • Feb Josquin’s lament Nymphes des bois written in tribute to Johannes Ockeghem
  • Apr 3 Heinrich Isaac appointed court composer at the Vienna chapel of Maximilian I
  • Jun 2 Matteo Rampollini born (Florence) Italian composer. Died 1553
  • Aug 18 Francesco Canova da Milano born (Milan) Italian composer, lutenist, viol player. Died 1543
  • Sep 1 Henry Abyngdon (c. 79) dies
  • *Johannes Martini (c. 57) dies


  • May 25 Ottaviano Petrucci is granted the exclusive right to print music for the next 20 years in Venice
  • *Adrien Basin (c. 60) dies


  • Dec 8 Sebald Heyden born (Erlangen, Germany) German theologian, musicologist, cantor, hymnwriter. Died 1561
  • Adrianus Petit Coclico born (Netherlands) Dutch composer, teacher. Died 1562
  • *Bernardino de Sahagún born (Léon, Spain) Spanish composer, Franciscan missionary, writer, compiler of the Florentine Codex. Died 1590
  • Bartolomeo Tromboncino murders his wife in Mantua after discovering her having an adulterous relationship. He receives a pardon

<14th Century … 1500-1549>

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