11th Century

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* = approximate date


  • *Antiphonary of St. Benigne, Dijon written, a collection of plainchant and one of the earliest surviving pieces of European written music. Author unknown but possibly William of Volpiano (962-1031)
  • *The second Winchester Troper written, one of two manuscripts containing more than 160 examples of organum. Author unknown but possibly Wulfstan the Cantor


  • *Berno, Abbot of Reichenau writes his books on musical theory


  • *Wulfstan the Cantor (c. 50) dies in Winchester


  • Jul 18 Hermann of Reichenau aka Hermannus Contractus born (Altshausen, Germany) German music theorist, composer, mathematician, historian, astronomer, Benedictine monk. Suffered from spina bifida and possibly cerebral palsy throughout his life. Died 1054


  • *Guido’s Micrologus de Musica musical treatise written in which he proposes placing neumes on lines and spaces of a ruled staff to define their precise pitch.
Guido of Arezzo aka Guido Aretino (991-1050)

Guido of Arezzo aka Guido Aretino (991-1050)


  • *William of Hirsau aka Wilhelmus Hirsaugiensis born (Bavaria, Germany) German Benedictine abbot of Hirsau Abbey, astronomer, music theorist, religious reformer. Died 1091


  • Jun 7 Berno of Reichenau (c. 70) dies in Reichenau, Switzerland
  • *Wipo of Burgundy (c.53) dies in France


  • Guido of Arezzo (c. 58) dies in Italy
  • *The epic poem La Chanson de Roland [Song of Roland] written. Author unknown (estimates of date vary between 1040 and 1115)
  • *Oldest surviving German Christmas carol Sys willekommen heirre kerst written (composer unknown)
  • *Time values given to musical notation


  • Sep 24 Hermann of Reichenau (41) dies in Reichenau, Switzerland


  • *Godric of Finchale born (Walpole, Norfolk) English Benedictine monk, composer, hermit. Four songs attributed to him and transcribed by monk Reginald of Durham are the oldest in English with surviving musical settings. Died 1170
  • *William of Hirsau writes De musica on musical theory


  • *Rudolf of St Trond born (Sint-Truiden, Belgium) Flemish Benedictine abbott of St Trond Abbey, chronicler, composer. Possible author of treatise Quaestiones in musica. Died 1138


  • Oct 22 William IX of Aquitaine born (Aquitane, France) Duke of Aquitaine, troubador, crusader. The earliest troubador whose work has survived. Died 1126


  • *Adam of Saint Victor aka Adam Precentor born (Paris?) French poet, hymnodist, teacher, precentor of Notre Dame in Paris. Died 1146


  • *Peter Abelard aka Petrus Abailardus born (Nantes) French philosopher, theologian, poet, composer, teacher. Died 1142
Peter Abelard (1079-1142) and Heloise

Peter Abelard (1079-1142) and Heloise


  • Sep 25 William IX becomes Duke of Aquitaine on the death of his father, William VIII


  • Jul 2 William of Hirsau (c. 60) dies in Württemburg


  • Aug 1 Adhémar of Le Puy dies in Antioch of the plague. Birth date unknown. French bishop, crusader and hymnodist.
  • Hildegard of Bingen born (Böckelheim, Germany) German Benedictine abbess, scholar, composer, mystic, writer, polymath. Died 1179
  • *Adam of Saint Victor appointed subdeacon at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

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4 responses to “11th Century

  1. Amazing work.
    However it should probably be called “A chronology of Western music, with a few non-Western music facts thrown in here and there.”
    Yes I know, that would expand the scope by multiple orders, but I hope you see my point.

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