A Chronology Of Music And Musicians: Volume 1

It’s been a while since I’ve done any updates to the site, and I’m aware that the last couple of decades are a bit ragged to put it politely. My main focus has been on developing the books that are tied in with the Music Timeline. The first was published on October 29th 2014, initially as a Kindle book. I am hoping to have a print edition available at some point during 2015.

The book is entitled “A Chronology of Music and Musicians. Volume 1: From Prehistory to the 17th Century” by Derek Innocent and is the first of a projected eight volume set. Although the structure is based on this site’s, it is fleshed out with much more detail with full biographies for composers, musicians, etc., many more of whom are featured, and also a wealth of new material. There are also a series of essays giving historical and cultural background. The price is $8, around £5 or €5.5 and the book can be obtained from any of the Amazon websites across the globe.

Progress is well under way on “Volume 2: The 18th Century” and it should appear in the Spring of 2015. I also hope to have time to tidy up the loose ends of this site between now and then.


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